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Ridley Scott, Napoleon, Radio Skye and me

I couldn't let the recent release of Ridley Scott's film Napoleon pass without some comment. Firstly, I haven't seen it yet but I still have something to say on the matter! Why do so many reviewers feel obligated to gripe at historical inaccuracies - it's a movie, a form of entertainment, an interpretation.

Napoleon is an emotive character - I get that. The Hitler of his day or the founder of modern Europe? I have my views but I'm not getting drawn in to a 'good or evil' debate. If you want a sense of what I think, you could visit my Shepherd's List - The best books for getting inside Napoleon Bonaparte’s head ( Alternatively, you could read my trilogy- The Richard Davey Chronicles which starts with Needing Napoleon

A third option would be to listen to my recent interview on Radio Skye where I was talking to Carole Horton about the third book in the series - Rescuing Richard. You can listen to Carole's show here:

My interview is about 45 minutes into the first half and goes well into the second half, but you really should listen to the whole show because Carole plays great music!

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