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Working on a sequel

I am now working with Nat and Rachael Ravenlock at on the cover of Serving Shaka, the sequel to Needing Napoleon, which should be available from 18th November (perhaps two weeks later on Amazon) as a paperback and ebook.

Because they are such a great team, Rachael and Nat mocked up a possible cover for Serving Shaka when we were finalising the design for Needing Napoleon, to check if we could have some consistency across the series.

I should mention that I have almost finished editing the third instalment of The Richard Davey Chronicles, which has a working title of Remaking Richard.

I have now sent Nat and Rachael three possible themes for a background image to be the equivalent of the fob watch on Needing Napoleon's cover. I am awaiting their response with interest.

I thought you might like to see the initial image which is likely to be in the foreground - it is the only image drawn from life of Shaka Zulu known to exist. Obviously, this is just the starting point!

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