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Back from a Tour of England

I have just got back home to Skye after a tour down south. First, I headed for Coventry to see my father before heading to Ascot for a speaking engagement. Then on to London for a dinner dance hosted by my publisher, The Conrad Press. From there it was down to Cornwall, despite closures to both M3 and M4, to Mevagissey to catch up with friends.

I had lots of opportunities to talk about my published books and my current work in progress - a fictional biography of William Augustus Bowles. Many thanks to those who have read the first draft and given me feedback.

The route home was broken by a stop with friends near Carlisle but the night I returned I chaired and spoke to the local writers and readers group - The Skye Reading Room. I was so tired I wasn't convinced I was making much sense! But a few kind souls wanted to buy my books anyway.

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