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Covid can't stop me!

Just emerging from a bout of Covid, as is my 88 year old father. We are both fine and I am counting the positives in life.

With regard to my writing, I have a few things to look forward to. I am giving a talk to a lunch club on the Isle of Skye at the start of May. Also, a local book club is reading my book and when they are done, I am going to attend a meeting for a Q & A session.

A lovely reader who discovered my book from across the Atlantic is going to put out an interview she did with me, and do a book giveaway on Tumblr; she will also post a playlist I put together with a Napoleon Bonaparte theme on YouTube.

My first book, Needing Napoleon, is also being reviewed by the West Highland Free Press (date to be determined) and the Historical Novel Society (review to appear in their August magazine).

My second book, Serving Shaka, is due to be printed before the end of March and I hope to have it available online soon after that.

The third instalment, as yet unnamed, has now completed its time under my editor's scrutiny - she was very complimentary but is already pestering me for a fourth book in the series!

Now that I am up and running and safe at home, I can get back to my current venture, a fictionalised biography set in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century America (and elsewhere). I am over two-thirds of the way through it and hope to finish the first draft by the end of June 2022.

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