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Happy New Year!

Just a quick post with my book-related New Year resolutions.

  1. Get book three of The Richard Davey Chronicles out in paperback and e-book.

  2. Polish my fictional biography of William Augustus Bowles and approach agents.

  3. Decide what to do with my triple-timeline murder ghost story set on Hadrian's Wall.

  4. Continue research for my magical realism tale set on the Isle of Skye (a request from a prospective agent).

See if you can guess which title belongs to each book... Captain Liar, Murder at Vindolanda, Rescuing Richard, Untitled.

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1 comentário

Judith McDowell
Judith McDowell
04 de jan. de 2023

Good Luck with all your projects in 2023 Your new books sound very appealing. I look forward to more new of them.

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