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I've just discovered Goodreads

I may be preaching to the converted here, but I have just discovered the Goodreads website/app which is great for anyone who loves books, wants to discover new things to read, interact with authors and so on.

I am delighted to say, that after a bit of effort getting myself distinguished from other writers called Gareth Williams, that I now have an author profile on Goodreads.

I hope this will be another way for people to discover or comment on Needing Napoleon and my forthcoming books.

If you have read and enjoyed Needing Napoleon can I encourage you to sign up (if you haven't already joined). It is completely free! It would be great if you wanted to follow me and also rated/reviewed Needing Napoleon.

You can also track your own reading and review any book you have read. I have to admit, I have found it easy to use and have enjoyed looking for authors whose works I enjoy and see what they are reading.

To find me, all you have to do is type Needing Napoleon into the search bar.

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