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On the radio - my selection

When interviewed by Carole Horton on Radio Skye, she kindly asked me to pick some tracks. So what did I choose?

Well, there has to be a Beatles song so I went for Paperback Writer!

I wanted a link with the subject of my book so that's how I picked the other three. Firstly, Roads to Moscow by Al Stewart. A song that took him years to research and write. It is about the Germans retreating from the gates to Moscow in the footsteps of Napoleon's Grand Army some 150 years before.

This was followed by Josephine by Tori Amos - a short, atmospheric song full of regret but also referencing Moscow - this time burning to deny Napoleon shelter as winter deepened.

Finally, Waterloo by Abba. Not really a song about Napoleon, although he gets a mention.

Let me know what you would have picked!

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