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Progress! front cover looking good

A while ago, I blogged about my struggles with a cover image for my imminent first novel Needing Napoleon.

Well, a lot has happened since then. Combining a silhouette of Napoleon with an image of a pocket watch has produced a strong visual impact. This also avoids portraying anyone who might jar with a reader’s imagination.

I must give credit to Rachael and Nat Ravenlock at for their patience and hard work. They listened to my concerns and came up with great solutions.

The same was true with the typeface. I worried the capital N looked like a swastika! Without complaint and very quickly, the came up with a great font that feels historical without looking dated. Quite an achievement.

I won’t post the image here as it is not yet finished but I am certainly looking forward to seeing it wrapped around my 90000 words!

They are so professional, they even considered how a similar layout would play with my second novel, Saving Shaka which is also finished and in the editorial stages at present. The image they produced, using the one picture of Shaka known to be drawn from life, really excited me, even though it was only a quick mock up.

Finally, I should add that I am closing in on the end of the third novel in the series, tentatively entitled Remaking Richard.

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