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Rescuing Richard finally approaching the finish line!

I am very happy to announce the third instalment of The Richard Davey Chronicles has gone to the printers. The expected delivery date is 31st May.

Sadly, that does not mean the book will be widely available on that date. It usually takes a few weeks for everything to appear on Amazon and other book sites.

However, I will have real paper copies to hold and smell - so exciting! It has felt like a really long wait for this one. I think it was originally slated to appear a year ago! Anyway, that's water under the bridge, even if it seems an improbably long time ago when I wrote those final scenes.

Since then, I have written two drafts of a fictional biography running over 150,000 words as well as a three time period ghost story of about 75,ooo words.

Anyway, back to Rescuing Richard. As always, it has been a pleasure working with Rachael and Nat from The Book Typesetters on this book. I am really pleased with the layout and cover. I think it is a strong image and works well with the other two books in the series but I would love to know what you think?

Finally, if anyone is going to the Newark Book Festival (6-9 July 2023), you can catch me sharing a stall with The Book Typesetters.

If you live in Scotland, I will be speaking to the reading group at Dingwall Library on 5th September and appearing at Angus Book Fest (17-19 November 2023). More about these three events in another post.

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