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Taking it in my stride

Unfortunately, I have just discovered there is going to be quite a long delay before the third instalment of the Richard Davey Chronicles makes it into the world, contrary to this advert that recently appeared in History Today magazine.

It is a combination of things, but I have decided to be philosophical about it. Serving Shaka has barely sold at all, so there seems little point rushing out a third book in the series.

Of course, I am hoping that, as more people finish Needing Napoleon they will buy the second book. Allowing more time for this to happen should mean there are more people ready to snap up Rescuing Richard when is does appear in 2023.

I have to remind myself that the first book only came out in November 2021, the second in March 2022, so they are still younglings!

Meanwhile, I am forging ahead with a Roman ghost story set at Vindolanda - a fort near Hadrian's Wall where I volunteer at the archaeological dig. I will be using my next visit in late Spring 2023 to check a lot of details. That should mean the book is finished before the end of 2023.

Finally, my thanks to all my kind friends/relatives who read the first draft of my fictionalised biography of William Augustus Bowles. You have all helped me think more deeply about the structure of the story and the depiction of certain characters. Opinion was polarised, so some of you will probably not like the finished article, but that doesn't mean I am not incredibly grateful for all the time you took reading and giving me feedback!

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