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The kindness of friends and strangers

Helen and I are just back from almost two weeks travelling around England. We met lots of people and got good use from our VW Campervan, Eric the Red.

There was live music from the 1980s, catching up with family, visiting National Trust properties, connecting with friends old and new. A lovely break, even if it does mean there has been no progress on my book (or blogs) for some time.

But what warmed me most over the trip, given my frustrations trying to market my books more widely, was hearing from people how much they had enjoyed reading Needing Napoleon.

So, I return to the Isle of Skye in a positive frame of mind. As one very long-standing friend reminded me, I write because I love it, not to sell books. The wisdom of those who have known us a long time!

I hope to have the third instalment of The Richard Davey Chronicles with my publisher before the end of the summer. As for my current work in progress, I am aiming to complete the first draft by the end of July. However, editing will be quite a process for this one!

Thanks to everyone who has shared an encouraging word at any point on my authorial journey. It really makes a difference. I hope everyone has a wonderful Jubilee Weekend. I am planning to climb some mountains if our good weather holds.

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