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This is my first post!

Hello there! My name is Gareth Williams and I am a writer. I've been a writer all my life but more recently I have started tackling novels. I used to come home tired from work and try to squeeze out a few hundred words. I would try to steal some time from the family to write at the weekend. I dreamed of holidays because then, surely, I would be able to write. And so it went. Slowly accumulating staccato plots where characters got lost and I did too!

Now, I know there are better disciplined people out there who managed to write bestsellers while parenting perfectly and holding down a high-powered job. I am nothing like those people! I spent most of my energy teaching history and giving university guidance. I spent time with my wife, my friends and my dogs. I enjoyed playing rugby, squash and skiing. I was very good at finding something else more pressing than writing.

I got older and life became simpler. I am retired now. I reluctantly gave up playing rugby at 48 years old. Now, I am still good at making excuses. The weather is beautiful. I need to get out on my bike. But then lockdown happened! How to occupy myself? No more excuses. Get writing!

Well, I haven't looked back. My first novel is finished and edited. The sequel is finished and about to undergo some forensic editing. The third novel is almost up to one hundred pages.

So why am I blogging? Because sitting at a desk staring at a screen waiting for inspiration can be a lonely business. There's only so much my lovely wife can put up with! So, I thought I would share some of my thoughts and experiences about writing. If nothing else, it makes me think about what I am doing. With luck, someone out there might find it of interest. If not, that's fine too. We'll see how it goes...

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