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My list of best books for getting inside Napoleon's head

I was invited to curate a list of books I rate for understanding Napoleon Bonaparte by a fantastic website called

They host lists put together by all kinds of authors for both fiction and non-fiction. It was good fun for me and a real opportunity to share some of the influences that went into writing Needing Napoleon.

My list is now live and you can get straight to it with this link -

I have now been asked to put together a list of best books to get to grips with South African history. I am really looking forward to it. I have been drawn to the tip of the African continent ever since my family moved there when I was three years old. Although we only stayed three and a half years, I have never lost that connection.

I studied as much African history as I could whilst at Cambridge and kept up with writing on the subject. All of which equipped me for writing the second instalment of the Richard Davey Chronicles - Serving Shaka, which is due out on 25 April (although it can take a while to show up at online bookshops).

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