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Myths & Legends of the Isle of Skye

I recently wrote an article for a print edition of Historical Times magazine. It was part of their Great Britain, Scotland & Ireland History special edition. It is available online via subscription or to buy via Amazon.

My article takes a look at the differences between myths and legends by considering some tales from Skye folklore. It is by no means an exhaustive study but does give a flavour of the tales that sprang up over the centuries on this magical island I am lucky enough to call home.

If you go to the link below and scroll down, you can find out more. If you type Historical Times Magazine into Amazon, you should find the paper version. It is listed as temporarily out of stock but do not be put off. If you order it - it will come! Although it is not cheap, there are 110 beautifully illustrated pages.

You may also see information on the magazine's Dark Ages issue which features an article by my friend and fellow author Fil Reid, whose 'Guinevere' series gives a wonderful insight into dark age Britain and the legends of King Arthur.

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