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Driving myself mad!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

When I got the proof of my novel typeset for printing, I thought it looked great. I liked the font and with everything laid out properly, it looked like a real book!

My job was just to check through it, to make sure there were no errors in content or layout before it went to the printers. Well, seeing my oh so familiar text looking different meant lots of my own errors leaped out at me.

It has been a real lesson about how to do a final edit/proof. Change the font and layout and it makes the process much more effective because you see things your eye has slipped over again and again in your overly familiar version.

I still had to do it twice to get most of my mistakes but here’s hoping I am there now. I suppose I will find out when this digital thing becomes a creature of paper (it will be available on ebook too, by the way).

Anyway, my typesetters have been wonderfully patient, so thanks very much to them at

Needing Napoleon should be with the printers within a week! Fingers crossed!

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1 commentaire

25 sept. 2021

It has been wonderful working on your book with you. We look forward to seeing it's in print and wish you much success.

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