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What if?

Musings of an historical fantasy novelist

I spend my time staring at my computer screen. So this is my way of reaching out to the people who I always have in the back of my mind. People like me, who love that moment when history collides with the power of the imagination.

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Research isn't always dull!

As my book, Needing Napoleon is currently being printed, I thought I should acknowledge some of the sources I used in writing it. As a...

Putting yourself out there

Well, no going back now. My book is with the printers. Very soon, Needing Napoleon, for so long a story in my head, will be a reality...

Driving myself mad!

When I got the proof of my novel typeset for printing, I thought it looked great. I liked the font and with everything laid out properly,...

Progress! front cover looking good

A while ago, I blogged about my struggles with a cover image for my imminent first novel Needing Napoleon. Well, a lot has happened since...

Shaka's military society

A while ago, I explained my interest in Shaka Zulu. Towards the end of that post, I promised to explain the inherent problems with...

Napoleon’s Birthday

On August 15th 1769 Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica. Well, I think he was Napoleone Buonaparte back then! He died on 5th May 1821,...

Covers are harder than you think

... and I don't mean hard covers. My book is starting out as a paperback and e- book! I had my first discussion with the designers. They...

Deciding on a book cover

You have written your book. You have edited it. The words are as carefully crafted and checked as can be. The summary that goes on the...

Moral standards for a time traveller

One of the challenges facing my character, Richard Davey, when he finds himself living the remainder of his life from 1815, is the...

What you see on the back cover

I have just been asked by my publisher to collaborate in the drafting of my biographical details and what will appear on the back of my...

Shaka Zulu

When I was a boy, my father had some popular history books about the rise and fall of the Zulu empire in southern Africa. They had...

The Trouble with Time Travel

In my book, Needing Napoleon, the main character travels back in time in the hopes of helping Napoleon beat Wellington at the battle of...

Publication date!

Just a short post to let everyone know my novel Needing Napoleon (or whatever it ends up being called) is scheduled for publication in...

Where do characters come from?

The main character in my novel Needing Napoleon could easily be mistaken for me at first glance. After all, he is a teacher of history...

Inspiration - The Hundred Days

So, I left off writing about what inspired me to write a novel about Napoleon with him safely in exile on Elba. A generous prison for the...

Wish I could write a pop song!

I'll get back to the theme of inspiration soon, but today I thought I would write a bit about something I wish I could do! Related to...

Inspiration continued (if you are lucky)

So, last time I started trying to explain what inspired me to write the book. I covered Napoleon's rise from obscurity on the fringes of...

Inspiration - where does it come from?

So, here we go. Where did I get my ideas for my first novel? Well, there is a clue in the title Needing Napoleon (even if my prospective...

Where's my book?

I thought I should just confess something. My first book isn't in print yet or available electronically. Hopefully it will be out in a...

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I have put together a choice of five books I think really help a reader get inside Napoleon's head. Originally, I have called the list Best Books for Getting Inside Napoleon's Head!

Shepherd. com is a great site that I really recommend to anyone who loves reading. It is a fresh approach to bringing together readers and authors.

Follow the link below to find out which books I have chosen and why.

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